- Program on Sound Chakra Meditation

- Chakra are energy vortices located near nerve plexuses on spinal cord. Chakras can influence behaviour in general and function of various organs in their vicinity. Though the knowledge of chakras is 2000 year old the proof of its existence is recent.

- In this program audience learns about the influence of chakras on behaviour and problems that can crop up with imbalance of chakras.

- Audience can learn and experience the powerful meditation music created by us. They can carry home the music tract for sleep meditation and enjoy the balanced state of chakras.

- Participants gets the form the program, which they need to fill during the program.

- On the basis of information given Dr. Nitin Patankar personally, analyse the profile and suggest him the mediation theory with specially designed music for it.

- Lecture & Demonstration. Duration 2.5 hours

-Program Fees - 1,50,000 Rs. + Taxes as applicable

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