Meditation-Music with Wisdom

- When we are asked “what are the main reasons to meditate?” the first thing that usually pops into mind is that meditation just makes you feel GREAT!

- Meditation reduces stress better than anything else. It will improve your health by strengthening your immune system, reducing your blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.

- In this program our mentor Dr. Nitin Patankar (MD), guides and teach us the basic techniques of meditation, like ‘5 point Meditation’, Meditation with Mudras ‘ etc. This Meditation is done with the special MUSIC, which has been created by music professional and made on specific frequency.

- This is very unique program where in Dr. Patankar guides from the basic to advance techniques of Meditation.

- Lecture & Demonstration is followed by Q & A session - Duration 2.5 hours

- Program Fees - 75,000 Rs (Kit - Information brochure and Meditation Music CD)

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