Lifestyle modification with Mudra Therapy

- According to a brain research published in the National Academy of Sciences in November 2009, researchers found that hand gestures activate the same regions of the brain as spoken or written words. But with or without scientific prove, we already know that hand signs can be powerful ways to communicate. Show a thumb up gesture that promptly swings down and you have just sent an unmistakable message to someone instantly.

- Mudra, on the other hand, is not so much a communication with another mortal being. It is more of a wordless connection with yourself that involves your body, your deeper consciousness as well as the cosmos.

- In this specially designed lecture and demonstration our mentor Dr.Nitin Patankar (MD) teaches us very simple Mudras, which helps us to remain FIT and fine.

- This is a scientific program based with meditation music, which is exclusively made for this.

- Lecture & Demonstration is followed by Q & A session. Duration 2.5 hours

- Prgoram Fees - 75,000 Rs. + Taxes as applicable (Kit - T-Information brochure and Meditation Music CD)

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