Wisdom Treatments

Diabetes Management

Diabetes is not a 'sugar' problem. It is due to destruction of insulin producing cells from pancreas due to antibodies or due to fat accumulation. At wisdom clinic we plan 'Total Treatment of Diabetes'.

Reversing diabetes

Reversing diabetes, a concept which was not heard five years back. It is giving wonderful results for people who have less than 6 years of diabetes. It gives promising results for longer diabetes too.

Obesity/Weight management

At wisdom clinic you get the best medical treatment as this is probably the only clinic in India where an MD physician has specialised in obesity management and staff is trained under him.

Heart disease

At wisdom clinic we believe in "Its not sufficient to add years to life but it's more important to add life to years". Any body, at any stage of heart disease can experience the quality improvement in cardiac patients.

Infertility & pregnancy

Infertility is a major problem in today's world. Stress, lifestyle, obesity and many other factors contribute to it. Planning diet with protein, carb, fat combo that suite your body composition is the key in planning diet.


Painkillers can be killer of health too. Its use should be minimum. By using Acupuncture and laser natural pain management systems are activated and get pain relief in safest way. This therapy also helps you in reducing fat.

Music therapy

Music can affect the emotional centre of body, the chakras in our body. By stimulating chakras we help in balancing energy .It also helps in therapy you are taking. It will boost the result.

Stress management

At wisdom clinic we have designed individualistic music therapy based on chakra music and diet therapy to manage stress. It's passive stress management. It is helpful at all levels of stress.

Sport fitness

To perform at your best you must develop excellent sports specific fitness. The sports training health tips and programs will help you achieve your goal. You need strength and endurance.